MPI50: Al Sears

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MPI50: Al Sears

By Michael Pinchera | Dec 7, 2022

Albert Sears lrAl Sears—one of MPI’s 50th anniversary “Legacy Contributors,” a past MPI president and an industry veteran of 45 years—shares, some of his MPI history.

Back then [around the time I first got involved with MPI] ASAE ran a program called The College of Convention Knowledge. There I met Doug Heath. Doug told me about MPI and said I should join. Once I joined, 12 of us formed the MPI New England Chapter.

I served as international director representing the New England Chapter and eventually was elected MPI international president [a role roughly equivalent to chairman of the International Board of Directors nowadays]. My year as MPI president [was exciting.

We relocated MPI headquarters from Middletown, Ohio, to the Infomart in Dallas, Texas, giving MPI a new image. That was a proud day for us all.

When I started as a meeting planner there were not many places for us to get education. I discovered MPI and it became a big factor for my industry education. Networking was especially important to me. I was able to learn from some of the best in the industry. I will never forget how the people in the industry contributed to my success.



Michael Pinchera

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