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MPI Chapter Leader Newsletter

November 2023

November 9

Leadership and Engagement

European Calls and Meet up

Presidents call – November 22 

Membership call – December 5 

MPI EMEA community networking meet up at IBTM – November 29 in Barcelona 

Join our EMEA community here 

FY2023-2024 Chapter Performance Metrics Update

The FY2023-2024 Chapter Performance Metrics will not change as currently reflected in the FY2023-2024 Business Plan template, however, the way the Chapter Performance Metrics Awards is calculated has been updated to pre-pandemic levels. To qualify for the Top Performing Award, chapters will need to achieve High Performing status in 6 out of the 7 metric areas. To qualify for the Chapter of Excellence Award, chapters will need to achieve High Performing status in 7 out of the 7 metric areas. 

Trademark Agreement to Sign by Chapter President

Since 1972, the MPI brand has personified leadership and excellence for the meeting and events industry. Some years back, MPI trademarked its logo and those of its worldwide chapters to protect the organization’s global positioning.  

Since that time, your chapter logo has included the registered trademark and use of this logo requires the sitting Chapter President to review and sign the MPI Trademark License Agreement.   

An email will be sent to all Chapter President’s in the coming days with more details. Each Chapter will sign the agreement once and archive the document for future reference. 

Chapter Leader WEC Registration Rate Now Available

All FY2023-2024 Volunteer Chapter Leaders and, NEW FOR WEC24, all Chapter Administrators who are MPI members in good standing are eligible for the WEC Chapter Leader discount rate of USD$700.00. This is the absolute lowest registration rate that will be offered for WEC24.   

Chapter Leader Session: The Solution Room Winter 2023

Connect with your colleagues from other MPI Chapters in the same position as you! The final Solution Room Call of the year allows you the opportunity to collaborate and share with others in your position. Register in advance to receive the Zoom link.   

Chapter Leader Office Hour

Have a question on anything chapter redesign/fiscal re-alignment related? Do you need some support to help you succeed? Hop into our Zoom call at any point during the office hour to connect with an experienced Volunteer Chapter Leader and Chapter Operations Team member.  You can jump in for as long or short of a time as needed.    

Chapter Bylaws & Chapter Policy Manual Revised

As shared during Global Updates during your Annual Retreats, the MPI Chapter Bylaws and MPI Chapter Policy Manual have been updated to reflect the new fiscal year alignment and simplified chapter minimums rolled out in 2022.  All MPI Chapters must adopt the MPI Chapter Bylaws and update their MPI Chapter Policy Manual.  Complete revised MPI Chapter Bylaws & MPI Chapter Policy Manual must be submitted to MPI before May 1, 2024.  Documents can be found on the CLRP > Office of the President > Governance   

Annual Chapter Awards Call Recording

Congratulations to all our amazing Chapters who were recognized for excelling in FY2022-2023 during the October 2023 Annual Chapter Merit Awards Presentation!  A recording is available to view online.

Tax Forms: No Need to Submit to MPI

With the release of the newly revised Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Policy Manual, it is no longer required to submit a copy of your year-end tax returns to MPI. As long as your Chapter is in good standing with your local tax agency, there is nothing you need to submit. Understand, this has nothing to do with the documents that are required by the third-party accounting firm to complete your short-year tax return (July-December 2023).  

If you have any questions, please contact your Chapter Operations Team Member.  

Role Specific Training Updated in CLRP

The role specific training handbooks have been updated in the CLRP. You may use the presentations to train new committee members throughout the year as needed. Find them here.

Marketing and Communications

*NOT TO BE SHARED IN ADVANCE* Membership Promotion on November 27

MPI will run a membership promotion on November 27. To help you prepare any promotions on Chapter channels, a toolkit will be provided on the CLRP on November 17. Going forward, we'll announce promotions in the Chapter Leader Newsletter along with toolkit release dates. 

Please remember that the promotion details should remain confidential until November 27th, as this is a true "flash sale." Thanks for keeping it under wraps! 

UPDATE: The Toolkit is now available on the CLRP > Chapter Toolkits > Monthly Toolkits section.


Membership Update

Member Pulse Survey

During the week of November 12, all members will receive a short, five question survey focusing on the three primary KPIs for MPI and two questions pertaining to their chapter experience.  The survey questions will mirror the same questions asked each Spring in the Chapter Membership Satisfaction Survey.  Results will not be tracked or reflected on the Chapter Dashboard but will be available upon request in the upcoming months.

MPI Exchange

Regional Business Exchange Events

MPI’s Business Exchange is hosting two upcoming regional Hosted Buyer events. 

If you are in the New York City area, plan to join us on November 29 at the Hard Rock Hotel in the heart of Times Square. 

If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area, we will be hosting the event at the Hard Rock Seminole Hotel and Casino on December 5. 

You can find out more about both events on the Regional Exchange Events homepage. The events will include educational sessions by MPI’s Jessie States and speaker/author Steve Jones. You’ll learn how to “Brand like a Rockstar” and all things “audience engagement” related! We will have unique regionally infused entertainment at both events. You don’t want to miss these - they promise to be a ROCKIN’ good time! 

Special Committees

Be Prepared for the Holidays, Take the Freedom Flyer Training, you could save a life

MPI is committed to educating and equipping our community with the tools they need to advocate for a world free of trafficking.  If you were in an airport and suspected a potential Human Trafficking situation, would you know what to do? 

If the answer is “no”, there is a great resource for you and if your answer is “yes”, you can share with others in your circle and beyond.  

MPI has partnered with the Bay Area anti trafficking Coalition  (BAATC) to present Anti-Human Trafficking content at a previous WEC, they have remained a valuable and trusted educational source to the Committee.  BAATC disrupts the business of human trafficking to deter future exploitation. They equip frontline industries to intervene for victims where they are forced to work, move, and sleep.  

Our team would like to encourage you to take their Freedom Flyer Training , it has five short videos to help you spot the potential signs of human trafficking and the correct way to report the local authorities, when you are in the airport. 

As we are approaching the holiday season that may include travel, this is the perfect time to share this valuable training with chapter members, colleagues, family and friends. 



Malinda Harrell, CMP Fellow, CASE  

 Anti Human Trafficking Committee Chair  

Visit Raleigh | 

Volunteer Engagement

Place Your RISE Nomination by November 17!

RISE Award Nominations close November 17, and we are in special need of chapter nominations and applications.  

If your chapter has made strides in its membership goals, marketplace offerings, industry advocacy, or educational programming, nominate your chapter today! Once a nomination is received, the application will be shared with the chapter’s current president, IPP, and the chapter’s director or VP of communications.