12 awesome WEC Louisville photos

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12 awesome WEC Louisville photos

By Michael Pinchera | May 24, 2024

Yet another edition of MPI’s World Education Congress (WEC) has come and gone, leaving a combined legacy of inspiration, knowledge, business and enduring friendships. Thanks to RVRB, MPI’s photography partner for WEC Louisville, the event also lives on in some really creative photos. Whether due to special lenses, effects, settings or just outstanding composition, here are a dozen of my favorite pictures from WEC Louisville networking celebrations—presented with zero context. This is a testament to the skill and engagement of the photographer as well as MPI’s in-house planners, sponsors, partners and attendees.



Michael Pinchera

Michael Pinchera, MPI's managing editor, is an award-winning writer and editor as well as a speaker, technologist and contributor to business, academic and pop culture publications since 1997.