2023 Canadian Advisory Council

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2023 Canadian Advisory Council

By Michael Pinchera | Jan 17, 2023

"Your 2023 Canadian Advisory Council is a dedicated group of volunteer leaders from across the country and we act as the “voice” of the MPI Canadian community. We act as a conduit between the Canadian chapters and the Global Advisory Committees in providing recommendations and information between the groups. We also provide recommendations and input to the MPI Global Board via our dedicated Board Liaison. The Canadian Advisory Committee’s focus is on membership growth, chapter stability and the implementation of event strategies that consistently deliver education, networking and increased business development opportunities for global sponsorship and MPI Foundation.

"We are working with the chapter leaders across Canada to heighten the awareness of the Canadian MPI community nationally and internationally. If you are interested in learning more about the MPI CAC, please feel free to reach out to us."

Anita Carlyle
Chair, MPI Canadian Advisory Council

Chair: Anita Carlyle (MPI Toronto Chapter)
Anita Carlyle 600

Arlene Schilke (MPI Greater Edmonton Chapter)
Arlene Schilke 600

Christine Mack (MPI Michigan Chapter)
Christine Mack 600

Heidi Hughes (MPI British Columbia Chapter)
Heidi Hughes 600

Leah Weselowski (MPI Toronto Chapter)
Leah Weselowski 600

Mark Zanetti (MPI British Columbia Chapter)
Mark Zanetti 600

Staff Liaison: Marcelo DeOliveira
Marcelo DeOliveira 600

Past Chair: Melanie Cook (MPI British Columbia Chapter)
Melanie Cook 600

IBOD Liaison: Rob Adams
Rob Adams 600

Susan Prophet (MPI Toronto Chapter)
Susan Prophet 600

Vanessa Menard (MPI At Large)

Vanessa Menard 600



Michael Pinchera

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