Canada Proves Once Again, We Have What it Takes!

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Canada Proves Once Again, We Have What it Takes!

By Jennifer Beatty | Jul 17, 2019

I have always been an enormous supporter of MPI. It has become my industry home and community, and it continues to be instrumental in my career development. I was thrilled once again to be able to participate at Meeting Professionals International, World Education Congress (WEC) that took place in Toronto on June 15 – 18, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The City was completely electric with the conference, but of course, the Toronto RaptorsNBA Champion win was the icing on the cake. On Monday, June 17th Toronto celebrated the championship with a victory parade and rally which indeed showed what Business Events Toronto and the MPI Event team are capable of accomplishing. With over 2 million proud Raptors fans flocking the streets, the conference planners adapted and handled the challenge head-on.


Last year WEC redesigned itself in Indianapolis, showcasing a shared design experience which was again proven to be a hit this year in Toronto. The Village showcased new and engaging ideas for both suppliers and planners, something for everyone, from personal development to career development—the Village was the place to be. Two of my personal favourites were the opening General Session, “The Psychology of Illusion” withKeynote Speaker, Vinh Giang. He was beyond inspirational and insightful. Our own Disa Cameron was selected out of the crowd to assist Vinh in showing his unique abilities.

Another favourite of mine was a presentation entitled “Dear World” by keynote speakers, Robert X Fogarty and Fresh Johnson. Dear World brought us on a journey to design experiences through meaningful stories. This was unexpected for me, never did I think I would find myself feeling so vulnerable during a general session. But to be able to have your Story journal to reflect on your life and identify specific moments, whether high or low and anything in-between, to ultimately create your Dear World Message was a truly memorable experience for me.

Toronto RISE Awards 

WEC is the event where MPI takes the opportunity to celebrate the RISE Awards winners. Congratulations to MPI Montreal/QuebecMPI Ottawa, MPI Toronto for taking home the MPI Rise award for Innovation Educational Programming for the EVENT. It was a very proud moment for all chapter members to be there to celebrate with the Founders Marie-France WatsonCED, Ryan Young and Tim Whalen, CMP.

MPI is famous for networking and at WEC, networking goes to a whole new level. Starting with the opening night at Echo Beach where Canada gave all our guests a little trip across our beautiful country through unique activations from all our Canadian Destinations.

WEC Toronto-Rendezvous

The MPI Foundation’s “Rendezvous” event is one of the foundations largest fundraisers, with the funds going back into the MPI community to further advance our industry through education by helping support and shaping tomorrows leaders. The evening was magical, and the Toronto Event Centre was transformed into the hottest spot in the City.

To top it all off, the conference ended with a closing night celebration at Rebel — boat rides, Sunset, Maple, Drag Queens and of course Drake cookies. The closing event showed how diverse Canada is, and inclusivity is how Canadians live.

Cheers to all the Canadian MPI Chapters! We should be very proud of WEC 2019.




Jennifer Beatty
Jennifer Beatty

Managing Director, Resiada & MPI Foundation Canada Chair.