EMEC 2021: That’s a Wrap

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EMEC 2021: That’s a Wrap

By Michael Pinchera | Jun 22, 2021

Paul Cook, European Meetings & Events Conference (EMEC) executive producer, shared  a few of his thoughts on this year's event, along with some attendee feedback.

In 2021, the European Meetings & Events Conference (EMEC) was a 100 percent virtual production. And it looked and felt exactly as a great virtual production should. There were no half measures. This MPI production was fully immersed with the emphasis on the viewer experience. The refreshing change that this production made was that it didn’t try to be a replacement for an in-person event. It stood firmly on its own two feet and had great production values and choreography throughout.

From the opening titles to the closing credits this was a virtual production included many highlights along the way. There was also a live link up with MPI’s World Education Congress (WEC) in Las Vegas. Viewers were able to choose whether to attend a business or personal development track for part of the day.

But one of the key highlights to mention was the collaboration of the European MPI chapters. Not only in the lead up with pre-engagement discussion and activities but also to the challenge that was live for the world to see. The chapters were mixed together and then they had to work as a team to answer a number of questions under pressure and time constraints. It was no easy task, but the chapter contestants looked at ease even though they were under a fair amount of stress. You could feel the excitement as the challenge progressed!

From a deeply moving and personal inspirational story from Gill Hicks, beamed in live from Adelaide, Australia, to travelling the globe to Canada and back to Europe, the speakers gave their best insightful and timely advice and ideas for event professionals looking to Make their Future.  

—Paul Cook


Wow! What a line up at EMEC. That was an impressive agenda and what a turnout! It was great to know that so many MPI members chose to spend their Tuesday with you.
-Svend Dalgaard

It was a pleasure to be involved in #mpi#emec yesterday. Thanks Tiffany KempPaul CookAlastair Greener for your support. Great programme & was impressed with the production, setup & delivery from the speaker side. Well done to everyone involved!! -Ian Webb, speaker/sponsor, Eventsforce




Michael Pinchera

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