EMEC Brighton: MPI Collaborates with key associations

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EMEC Brighton: MPI Collaborates with key associations

By Blair Potter | Feb 24, 2023

The education on offer at MPI’s European Meetings & Events Conference (EMEC), 26-28 March in Brighton, U.K., will be bolstered by our collaboration efforts involving several key industry associations.

Here, these association leaders—many of whom are presenting sessions at EMEC—discuss the importance of collaborating with MPI in Brighton.

“It is important that City Destinations Alliance continues to develop relevant industry partnerships that will help our DMO/CVB members in their challenging every-day work life. We are glad to explore possibilities with MPI, which will be key to keep on rebuilding a sustainable visitor economy and make sure that meetings and events leave a positive impact. The EMEC conference in Brighton will be a key conference to connect with the rest of the industry and take the necessary challenges to support the meetings industry.”
Flavie de Bueil-Baudot
Chief Operating Officer
City Destinations Alliance

“It is important to IACC to be engaged and active globally alongside and in support of our partner MPI. By bringing our research and planner education into the MPI community in Europe, we can be sure to maintain credibility in the meetings industry and all those who are equally passionate about its future.”
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper

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“IAPCO represents 138 professional congress organiser (PCO) offices in 40 countries around the globe with a mission to continually raise the standards amongst not only our members, but all stakeholders in the meetings industry by means of education and interaction. That interaction often comes in the shape and form of collaborative work with other like-minded organisations like MPI. I am delighted to be able to join the MPI EMEC attendees to learn from your community whilst sharing the global PCO perspective and some interesting research findings that have impact on us all.”
Martin Boyle
Martin Boyle

“ICCA—being a leader in the European community—is constantly creating new opportunities and partnering with other leading organisations to bring better education, networking and business focus to both our members and non-members.

We identified an exciting opportunity to collaborate with MPI to create a session focusing on sustainability—an ICCA pillar and a key area of discussion in the meetings industry.

We believe this ‘ideas session’ will inspire our attendees to think differently and dream up new and interesting ways of tackling an issue which impacts both our industry and society.

We look forward to a successful and effective collaboration.”
Tamara Bernstein
Tamara Bernstein
Head of Europe and Partnerships
ICCA Europe

“The business events industry in Europe, in general, is less cohesive and more fragmented than in North America. For this reason, it’s important that global business events associations align and work together to create a robust industry with a strong, unified voice.

Working with MPI for EMEC in Brighton is a great way for us to do this. We’ll be at EMEC as the ‘I’ in MICE, representing an important niche within business events that’s worth around US$78 billion and that can be transformational for individuals, companies and the destinations in which they stage their programs.

Annette Gregg (SITE’s CEO) and I are looking forward to developing deeper relationships with MPI and, in particular, to reviving the Global MICE Collaborative, a pre-pandemic initiative that took MPI, SITE and our other partner IAEE to new and emerging destinations.”
Padriac Gilligan
Pádraic Gilligan  
Chief Marketing Officer
Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE)



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