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Essential Resources for Administrative Planners

By MPI Administrative Planners Community Advisory Board | Oct 2, 2020

Administrative Professionals aren’t what they used to be. We started out doing such things as managing multiple calendars, maintaining files, preparing correspondence and building reports, just to name a few. Today’s professional does so much more. We are the “go-to” person. We are the SME (Subject Matter Expert). We are expected to be all knowing about all things… (scratch that) …EVERYTHING!

So, the next time you’re asked to plan the annual conference, MPI has you covered. We speak your language. We know what you need. We are your partner when it comes to meeting industry material and the latest industry-specific news.

Are you interested yet? You should be because MPI also provides learning resources to keep you “in the know.” MPI offers webinars on topics such as event technology, attendee engagement, sponsorship best practices, meeting safety and risk management. To keep your career path moving forward, MPI has several certificate programs available as well—Crisis Communications, Contracts and Negotiations, Emergency Preparedness, Event Marketing, Sustainable Events and so many more. These learning opportunities can be explored here. In addition, we’ve compiled a one-stop list of resources that you’ll want to bookmark as favorites. We encourage you to spend some time becoming familiar with these and ask you to share your favorites as well. Afterall, who knows better than an Administrative Professional!


Events Industry Council Glossary

Budget Worksheet Grid and Project Status

Administrative Planners video library – MPI Academy

Global Member and Industry Partner Resources


CDC Guidance on Mass Gatherings


Event Bandwidth Estimator

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Protecting Company Information at Paperless Events


The Essential Guide to Safety and Security


Event Marketer’s Guide to Going Virtual

Virtual Moderator Tip Sheet and Resource Guide

Speaker Tips for Virtual Presenters



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