MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter: RISE Award, Membership Achievement

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MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter: RISE Award, Membership Achievement

By Rich Luna | Jul 27, 2020

The MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter received the 2020 MPI RISE Award for Membership Achievement. This award recognizes an MPI chapter, club or student club for achievement in membership growth, engagement and retention demonstrated by overall membership numbers or effective campaigns, programming and involvement in activities.

We spoke with Valeria Serrano, chapter president and managing director of CTA Cancún & Riviera Maya DMC, and Andy Ortiz, former MPI Mexico Chapter president and president of Global Incentive, about the chapter’s award.

What does it mean for your chapter to receive this RISE Award?

Valeria Serrano: Seeing the efforts of both the board members and the membership recognized. This gives us a great sense of belonging to MPI and a great pride in being part of this exciting industry, while still being a great motivator to continue growing and creating excellence for the MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter and the international meetings industry.

Andy Ortiz: Being that this is a new and small chapter means that potential members are more likely to become part of our MPI family. It shows these potential members the dedication we as a group have for MPI because we are well aware of the return. That is a great message to send to prospective members and all our members. It also helps with retention.  

What has inspired your chapter to this high level of engagement? 

VS: Three things were key: There was a great need to join forces as an industry to promote the destination worldwide after losing Mexico’s Tourism Board entity; the leadership of the founders and members of the board of directors, which includes a group of great experts and professionals from the industry in Mexico; and bringing to the destination an opportunity to be part of a greater community with MPI by having a local chapter, which offers the opportunity to tangibly capitalize on the investment in MPI.

AO: To be recognized for our efforts. Since we are a supplier-driven chapter, we need to show that anything can be achieved. 

How has the success of the chapter inspired and motived members going forward?

VS: We have seen more volunteers joining different committees, very motivated to be part of the efforts of the chapter and support its development. There has also been a great response from sponsors supporting the chapter and helping us to continue growing.

AO: We are having members, even in these difficult times, do everything possible to continue being part of our family. They want to be part of this great success. 

How has your chapter’s commitment to education and programming helped raise the profile of your chapter and MPI with meeting professionals in your community?

VS: A greater awareness of the importance of professionalization has been created, both in private organizations and with government institutions. You now see MPI in general and the MPI Caribe Mexicano Chapter as an important voice to take into account.

“Being that this is a new and small chapter means that potential members are more likely to become part of our MPI family.”

What was the best lesson learned from this experience?

VS: The strength of teamwork, education and professionalism. It made us realize the great need that exists in our industry to continue professionalizing and helping to strengthen our industry. All this made us realize the great passion that exists among our members for this industry and how important is to be part of a professional association such as MPI, which leads the way.

What are the values that inspire your chapter?

VS: Excellence, sense of community, teamwork, continuous education, networking and social responsibility.

AO: The importance of recognizing an association such as MPI, the leader in the hospitality industry, and wanting to give back and be a part of it. 

What’s next for your chapter?

VS: Continue to grow the membership at the different states that are part of our region in addition to Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche. We are working to create innovative and powerful educational programs, as well as a strong strategy of attracting meeting planners from other chapters through the affiliation program, which will allow us to strengthen the networking opportunities for our members.

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How has the chapter coped with the COVID crisis?

VS: These have been very difficult months, however we have maintained close communication with our members, providing free and meaningful education, conducting virtual social activities, and to this day we have still managed to maintain full membership—in fact, we have gained three new members.

What advice would you give to MPI chapters about high-level engagement in our industry?

VS: The key is to understand the particular needs of the local tourism community, make them an essential part of the chapter’s business plan and communicate clearly how MPI supports and strengthens these needs. We need to involve and educate local government offices like CVBs, tourism boards, the Ministry of Tourism, etc., on the wide range of influence and strength of MPI in the international industry. All these together with a strong education and networking program, in addition maintaining a close relationship with each key member of the local tourism industry and the chapter members.

Who were key members who were involved in this initiative that resulted in the MPI RISE Award for Membership Achievement?

VS: Valeria Serrano, Roćio González, Andy Ortiz, Vicente Madrigal, Manual Saracho, Bernardo Santillana, Guadalupe Avila, Danielle van der Kwartell, Alejando Watson and Michel Wohlmuth.

Next Monday, we’ll speak with Anthony Molino and Carlos Pelham from the MPI Potomac Chapter, which received the RISE Award for Industry Advocate.



Rich Luna

Rich Luna is Director of Publishing for MPI and Editor-in-chief of The Meeting Professional.