Tuesday | October 11

Booth education in session from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm.

Speaker: Event Design Collective

A conversation with the creators of #EventCanvas. Learn what it takes to systematically design innovative events using #EventCanvas™️. Hear from the creators of the methodology firsthand with case studies on how this is being applied by CEDs - Certified Event Designers across the globe.

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Speaker: ICCA

It is paramount that meeting planners practice what they preach and intentionally include Diversity Equality Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) practices in their RFP process. However sometimes this may seem like an insurmountable and overwhelming task. Where to start and what can be done today is part of this rapid-fire session!


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Speaker: Multiple

Join a special panel of guests for a roundatable conversation focusing on MPI's two healthcare meeting related designations, HMCC Verified Venues (HMCC-VV) and HMCC Verified Destinations (HMCC-VD) that are changing the way healthcare planners,venues, and destinations are jointly approaching healthcare meeting compliance.


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Speaker: Jessie States CMP, CMM - Vice President, MPI Academy 

You know that the meetings you plan are invaluable to the success of your business or organization, but your executives’ goals and objectives for your events are elusive. What questions should you ask so that you can understand the true aims of your business in holding events, and how can you set measurable goals that help your stakeholders determine whether or not their meetings were effective. Go beyond asking your attendees if they had a good time, and create value for your organization by asking the right questions and setting the right metrics. Position yourself not as a meeting planner, but as a true consultant with the business strategy of your meetings top-of-mind.

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Speaker: Ryan Morris, Vice President of Sales (Americas) - Groups360

Ryan Morris, Vice President of Sales (Americas) will dive into the new world of group travel and weigh in on how technology and innovation is helping to shape our industry.  Preview GroupSync, find real time group inventory and meeting space, and learn how to Instant Book with this platform.

Company Overview

Groups360 is transforming the meetings and events industry by offering instant booking for both hotel group rooms and meeting space on GroupSync™, its proprietary technology platform. Event organizers can search, shop and book rooms and space via a simplified RFP with any hotel or can instant book over 7,000 hotels worldwide.

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Wednesday | October 12

Booth education in session from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm.

Speaker: Event Design Collective

"A good conversation can shift the direction of change forever. Would you leave it chance?
Would you like to know how to identify, respond and act in situations of ambiguity with your event owner?
A conversation with the authors and creators of the Event Canvas™ with a sneak peak into their new book ""DESIGN to CHANGE"".
Driven by the needs and conversations with Event Owners and Event Designers who use the Event Canvas™ around the world in a turbulent time of change, we have written the “DESIGN to CHANGE” companion book to the best selling “Event Design Handbook”.
In this session you will explore with the authors the implications of the change in the event landscape and how to design the conversations between Event Owners and Event Designers. A story about wants and needs, process and outcome and horizons of change from a dualistic perspective.
The session is for designers, owners, managers, change makers, gatekeepers and change makers interested in how events can create value for an organisation over time. "

Speaker: Carl Winston - Founding Director, Payne School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, SDSU 

Are you up on the latest ideas and innovations in the meetings and events industry? Able to calculate and articulate the real-world impact of your efforts? Ready to become a more dynamic leader? Co-created by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and the San Diego State University (SDSU) L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, the Meeting and Event Management Master’s is the first graduate-level program in the U.S. designed to elevate meeting professionals to business event strategists. With the meetings and events industry evolving at a rapid pace, there has never been a more exciting time to advance not just your career, but your profession as a whole.

Deeper analytics and more powerful tools mean greater opportunities to evolve and excel. Our industry is thriving, which means you should be, too. As the largest global association in the industry, MPI is committed to pioneering continuing education and providing career-enhancing resources. The Meeting and Event Management Master’s provides the flexibility you need to take a step forward, without taking one backward.

Speaker: Jillian Cardinal, DES - Partnership Manager, E-180

What makes an event worth returning to? Answers may vary, but most would say the incredible people they connect with! Then why are so many events still approaching networking as if it were an add-on versus an essential part of the attendee experience? Let’s explore a few ways to level up and meaningfully incorporate networking into our event design.

Speaker: Therese Jardine, DES - Owner, Strategic Event Procurement

Does trying to contract for your next event while simultaneously trying to forecast the future feel increasingly difficult? You are not alone! Supply chain issues, workforce shortages and more continue to make the contract and procurement process a tricky one -- all the way down to the forks and knives. Sit down with procurement expert Therese Jardine as we discussed contracting trends and what to be cognizant of before your next event.

Speaker: Carl Winston

In 2021, MPI embarked on a research-backed development process to learn more about not only what made college and university meeting/events programs successful, but also what presented as challenging or detrimental to the success of their program, and ultimately, their students. While MPI Certified was one outcome of this research, new information about the shifting workforce and the critical skills needed to navigate this uncertain territory within the meetings and events industry was another. Join us for a conversation about the state of the meetings & events workforce and the role each industry segment plays in solving the upskilling crisis.

Thursday | October 13

Booth education in session from 10:00 am until 1:30 pm.

Speaker: Nancy Snowden, M.A., altMBA – Lead Manager Educational Experiences, MPI Academy

Wellness has become a consumer buzzword seen in all corners of the business world. But, If examined with a critical lens, how can we thoughtfully consider wellness not just from a personal and consumer-based perspective, but also from an integrative design standpoint? Come engage in a conversation about what the future of integrative wellness design can look like, and how to apply it to your next meeting or event.

Speaker: Nancy Snowden, M.A., altMBA – Lead Manager Educational Experiences, MPI Academy

When we examine the global impact of women in the workforce, it is important to note that of the 7.8 billion inhabitants on Earth, women are the majority and account for 47.7% of the global workforce. However, only 27.1% of women are managers and leaders. Of those, 42% of women claim they have been discriminated at work because of their gender. As we work to re-engage the pre-pandemic efforts to create greater equity in the workforce, how can we continually work to ensure more women are in positions of leadership? During this session, participants will engage in a faciliated discussion about the top 3 barriers currently challenging women's advancement in the workforce and generate dynamic solutions for change with your peers.

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Speaker: Nancy Snowden, M.A., altMBA – Lead Manager Educational Experiences, MPI Academy

Did you attend WEC San Fransisco? If not, did you have a little bit of FOMO seeing some of the wild, interesting, dare we say experimental design and education elements? Well here is your chance to deep dive into the creative process, the wins, the losses, and everything in-between!