Experience Professionals: Inside the Industry that Brings People Together, a meeting and events Docuseries by MPI & dBase Media

Experience Professionals: Inside the Industry that Brings People Together, a meeting and events Docuseries by MPI & dBase Media

Dallas, TX—July 13, 2022— Meeting Professionals International, the world’s largest meetings and events industry association is unveiling an inspiring corporate docuseries on the resurgence of professional meetings and events and the professionals behind the scenes that make it a success.

Experience Professionals: Inside the Industry that Brings People Together explores the relationship between in-person gatherings and events and the many benefits to business acceleration.  The irreplaceable human connections that mold and define us are reliant on the coming together of people—live and in-person—to shape and enhance us and our communities. Whether you attend or facilitate, live event experiences provide immeasurable human value and opportunity to everyone involved.

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It cannot be overstated how important meetings and events are to the global economy—its impact is measured in the trillions. It’s because events are the catalysts for solutions, ideas, connections and progress, creating limitless value to people and societies everywhere. When people meet, they can change the world. 

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Presented and narrated by former GMA and CBS Today Show Correspondent Taryn Winter Brill, “Experience Professionals: Inside the Industry that Brings People Together” will explore these issues, capturing stories from the people and organizations who work across the meetings and events industry. The program will show how through effective collaboration and education and with the right people, technology, locations, and facilities, industry professionals  can deliver meetings that matter.     

The program is presented by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and produced by dBase Media (DBM). Based in Dallas, TX, MPI is the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide and provides innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and business exchanges.  

“MPI believes that ‘when we meet, we change the world,’” said Paul Van Deventer, president and CEO of MPI. “And the evidence of this industry’s impact on driving innovation, technology, learning and advancement is clear — meetings and events have long been among the top contributors for worldwide economic impact, directly responsible for over $1 trillion in spending and 10.3 million jobs.” 

Executives at MPI collaborated on what makes the most successful meetings and events.  The group’s findings led to the basis for this series Experience Professionals: Inside the Industry that Brings People Together.  MPI and DBM collaborated with prominent industry executives who make up a broad and diverse pool of authorities who are influencing the future of meetings and events.  

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The MPI film features: 

  • Paul Van Deventer, President & CEO at MPI, describes the energy through collaboration that takes place when people meet in-person and how it’s a catalyst for business growth, 

  • Annette Gregg, Chief Revenue Officer at MPI, exalts the many tasks that meeting planners manage and the creative approaches for collaboration, intentional networking and matching the right solutions, 

  • Drew Holmgreen, Chief Brand Officer at MPI, explains the benefits of connections at the community and chapter level and their four key pillars through advocacy, collaboration, innovation and education.