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The meeting and event industry has the power to create positive change and promote inclusion, diversity and equity globally.  MPI’s Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee is working on the creation of a dynamic set of resources to help meeting professionals advocate and advance these causes relevant to all the dimensions of diversity. Given current events, the committee has fast-tracked these resources related to racial equity and justice to help meeting professionals in their efforts to be allies to the Black community.  These resources are only the beginning. In the coming months, more resources related to additional dimensions of diversity will be included on this page and will serve as a living resource that further the advancement of all peoples.


If you are interested in contributing to the conversation by offering resources, feedback, concerns or testimonials, just click here .


Ask Why: Confronting Injustice in the Black Community


About Race

Code Switch                

Fare of the Free Child

Intersectionality Matters!

Momentum: A Race Forward                  

Pod for The Cause                          

Pod Save The People                     

Seeing White

Serial, Season 3          


Diversity & Inclusion: Speaking Your Truth

Rich Luna | Aug 19, 2020
“Now you have people using their platforms to speak their truth and really uncover what the Black community has to deal with on a daily basis.”

Diversity and Inclusion: Open Hearts, Open Minds

Rich Luna | Aug 12, 2020
“We all will have a role to play in finding solutions where everyone is treated with equal recognition and respect.”

Where Do We Go from Here?

Zoe Moore | Aug 10, 2020
Taking a look back at MPI’s diversity and inclusion efforts as we work on taking some big steps forward.

Leading Change—Together!

Paul Van Deventer | Jul 15, 2020
Let’s not allow this moment of outrage, shock and grief to fade; instead, let us band together to harness it and drive positive change.