Negotiate your contracts from a position of strength.


Specialized skills:

Contract & Negotiation Specialist Certificate

What You'll Learn

  Explain the purpose of the primary contract clauses found in venue contracts

  Give examples of how contract language may result in financial or liability risk

Prioritize issues for negotiation, determining “hot buttons” based on your meeting specifications

    Modify venue contracts based on knowledge of meetings contracts, meeting specifications, market conditions and knowledge of the venue

  Distinguish between contract language that is merely unfavorable and that which puts a party at significant financial or liability risk

   Negotiate key performance and liability clauses in at least three different ways so that the result is multiple options and not just a win-lose scenario

Contracting and negotiation are crucial—yet complex—roles for meeting professionals. Understanding legal terminology and common contract clauses (and the liabilities they protect against) allows meeting professionals to negotiate from a position of strength. You’ll acquire that strength through MPI’s Contract & Negotiation Specialist Certificate Program. You’ll also gain knowledge of contract law and negotiation tactics that enable meeting professionals to protect the interests of their organizations. And with knowledge comes power, especially when it comes to legal matters.

Negotiating contracts involves managing financial and liability risks and protecting your business, particularly when considering the performance clauses (attrition and cancellation) that are standard in most venue contracts. No contracts are the same; words and phrasing vary and need to be carefully reviewed and edited. Sometimes, additional clauses must to be added to balance the risk and liability between parties. And what of force majeure, indemnification and the host of clauses that deal with issues that range from nuisances to calamities, such as construction and remodeling and incompatible groups?

It’s said the only right answer in the law is “it depends.” This certificate program will illustrate legal principles with examples from the news, the instructor and your peers. Bring success and horror stories to share with other participants, enhance your legal knowledge and fulfill your role to negotiate contracts that protect your organization from the financial and liability risks associated with your meetings and events.

Participants of this course receive the following after program completion: 

  • CMP Clock Hours: 6
  • Certificate in Contracts & Negotiations 

What Our Attendees Say

"This was a great was so great to have someone who had so much experience and could provide so many concrete examples."

~Carolyn Leslie - Coordinator, Administration and Logistics
Community Foundations of Canada

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Instructor: Cheryl Payne, CMP, CMM

Cheryl has been in the hospitality industry for nearly two decades. As a Strategic Partner at INNOV8 Meetings + Events she elevates her customer’s experience by providing unparalleled meeting management support services as well as knowledge on all aspects of Strategic Meetings Management. She is a professional speaker/facilitator and provides cutting edge education to the meetings and events industry. She also contributes expert articles to several meeting industry trade publications on a wide range of topics ranging from Strategic Meetings Management, Contract Strategy, Budget & Cost Savings Techniques, and more! Cheryl has earned the prestigious CMP and CMM certifications. She is a Past President of the MPI, Orange County Chapter and has served as Chair of the MPI International Apex Advisory Task Force. As President, she was responsible for overseeing a 19-member Board and 400+ member Chapter. Cheryl has received many industry awards and accolades such as: Connect 40/40 Highly Successful & Influential Industry Leaders and MPI Exceptional Leadership Award. She continues to advance the meetings industry through industry volunteerism, serving on multiple Advisory Boards and consulting industry programs on strategic initiatives.


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Contract Negotiation


Course Dates:

9:00 am - 4:00 pm CST

February 28, 2024 9:00 AM

Members: $505 / Non-Member: $705


June 26, 2024 10:00 AM

Members: $505 / Non-Member: $705


August 22, 2024 10:00 AM

Members: $505 / Non-Member: $705


December 5, 2024 9:00 AM

Members: $505 / Non-Member: $705


Members: $505 / Non-Member: $705