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Discover the benefits of belonging to MPI's Association Planners Community.



Did you know that 25% of MPI’s membership are association meeting and event planners? These meeting professionals face specific challenges that corporate meeting and event organizers do not because of their organizations’ structure, not-for-profit status and governance.

They also may need to book citywide events years in advance.  MPI supports its community of 2,000 Association Planners through targeted educational offerings and social activities.

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Members of the MPI Association Planners community receive all the benefits of MPI membership, plus so much more.

MPI Academy Webinars

Free Association Planners-related educational webinars
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Meeting Planner Online Communities

Access to the MPI Association Planners online community


WEC Event Planner Education

Medical Meeting Planner-focused education at MPI’s  World Education Congress (WEC


Invitations to community meet-ups and other social activities

MPI Academy Certificate Courses

24/7 access to on-demand community-relevant education.
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MPI Academy White Papers

Free access to the Essential Guide to Safety and Security.


Who is Eligible to Join?


Any MPI Member who organizes or supervises teams who plan association meetings, events or educational programs is eligible to join MPI’s Association Planners Community. MPI members opt-into the community by editing communications preferences on their member profile by logging into, and can join the community's online forum on MyMPI.

Additional Education and Community Resources

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Meeting and Event Strategist

Meeting & Event Strategist

Learn to create events that achieve objectives, justify costs, and provide authentic experiences.

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Event Crisis Communication

Event Crisis Communication

Discover how to use time-sensitive communications channels, including social media, when it really matters. 


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CMM Certificate in Meeting Management

Certificate in Meeting Management

Earning your CMM shows the world that you are a strategic thinker ready to assume a leadership role in this industry.

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Emergency Preparedness for Events

Emergency Preparedness for Events

Are you securing the most important aspect of your meeting and events—the safety of your attendees? Find out how to prepare.

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The Essential Guide to Safety & Security

An essential guide to planning components, assessment tools and implementation strategies for safety and security planning at events.


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Inclusive Event Strategist

Inclusive Event Strategist

Discover how to keep a strategy of inclusion at the center of your event’s design and execution. 

Discover dedicated articles related to your community on MPI blog.

As a founding member of the Association Planners Advisory Board, I can tell you firsthand that belonging to this niche community is as rewarding and beneficial as global membership and chapter leadership.
The best way to partner with the hotel is to communicate your food and beverage needs and wants so your next meal had the “Wow” factor.
Designing a purposeful, engaging event experience doesn’t have to break the bank – especially when we use what we know.