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Are you an independent meeting planner, a small business owner or an entrepreneur? If so, you know the business landscape can change overnight. That’s why mentorship, business opportunity, and a supportive network is so important. According to the Small Business Association, 70% of mentored businesses survive more than five years. And MPI’s community of more than 18,000 members in countries around the world means unlimited regional, national and international business exchange options.


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ISBO community resources and education are designed for independent event service providers, independent meeting planners, and small business owners to serve them at every stage of their career. However, anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit or business management responsibilities will find value in connecting, learning and exchanging ideas with this community. MPI members opt-into the community by editing communications preferences on their member profile by logging into, and can join the community's online forum on MyMPI.

Additional Education and Community Resources

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CMM Graduates 2020

Certificate in Meeting Management

Earning your CMM shows the world that you're a strategic thinker ready to assume a leadership role.

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Venue Sales Certificate

Learn to create high-impact pitches and tools that make their venues shine brighter than the rest.


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Women In Leadership

Discover the necessary skills to be considered for executive leadership roles.

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Inclusive Event Strategist

Discover how to keep a strategy of inclusion at the center of your event’s design and execution. 

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The MPI Independent/Small Business Owners Community (ISBO) was created to provide a supportive space to discuss the challenges of starting, surviving and succeeding in your own business.
What if we started taking care of ourselves the way we all so beautifully take care of others?
Whether you are working by yourself or with a team, you are not exempt from a pandemic and all that it brings. We experience symptoms of anxiety and depression, and many of us have even walked through the five stages of grief.

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