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Financial and Insurance Professionals


Nearly 600 MPI members work in the financial and insurance sector, which is estimated to support more than 500,000 meetings industry-related jobs in the U.S. This industry segment is a significant part of UK, European and Asian economies. It’s a diverse and dynamic community of Financial and Insurance Planners that MPI is proud to support with peer-to-peer activities and targeted education designed to help them succeed at work and overcome the unique challenges they face.



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Who is Eligible to Join?


MPI members who plan meetings for financial or insurance companies are eligible to join MPI’s Financial and Insurance Planners community, whether they work for a corporate for-profit, nonprofit or government institution.

Additional Education and Community Resources

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CMM Graduates 2020

Certificate in Meeting Management

Earning your CMM shows the world that you're a strategic thinker ready to assume a leadership role.

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Basics Boot Camp: Meeting Fundamentals

The basics are the most important aspects or principles that you should learn first.

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Event Crisis Communications

Event Crisis Communication

 Discover how to use time-sensitive communications channels, including social media, when it really matters. 


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Emergency Preparedness for Events

Are you securing the most important aspect of your meeting and events—the safety of your attendees? Find out how to prepare.

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The Essential Guide to Safety & Security

An essential guide to planning components, assessment tools and implementation strategies for safety and security planning at events.


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Inclusive Event Strategist

Discover how to keep a strategy of inclusion at the center of your event’s design and execution. 

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Women In Leadership

Discover the necessary skills to be considered for executive leadership roles.

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Event Marketing Strategist

Learn to measure and deploy live events to help achieve marketing and revenue goals.

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