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9 Tips: How to Best Spend Your Time During the Pandemic

Whether you are holding onto your position or client by the thread of the next cancelled event, moving to virtual meetings, now is the time for us all to rally and activate for our industry.

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In the fourth installment of our "The Year of Sustainability" series, thought leader Carina Bauer tackles the UN Sustainable Development Goal, Sustainable Consumption & Production.
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In life there often comes a time when looking back is pointless and the future feels impossible. This moment was made for looking within.
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“The more information a planner can share about the client, the easier it is for the chef and caterer to design something different.”
EMEC is penciling in a day for your post important asset: family. Scheduled for the Saturday ahead of the conference, Family Day, according to Federico Toja, director of chapter business in Europe, is an experience that is meant to be shared.