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A significant portion of the meetings and events industry is composed of agency-based, corporate and independent marketing professionals who design experiential marketing campaigns, activations, product launches, festivals other interactive live event experiences. Within MPI, more than 500 members are marketing professionals, with hundreds more actively subscribing to the event designer creed: “Stop planning meetings. Start designing experiences.” They all are members of our Marketers and Experience Designers community, and they create truly transformational experiences.

Members of the Marketers and Experience Designer's community enjoy specialized education designed to help them stay ahead of the curve, meet high client expectations and generate creative, fresh ideas for their clients and organizations.


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Who is Eligible to Join?


MPI members with marketing, interactive and experiential event design responsibilities, or those who seek to infuse experiential design elements into traditional meetings, conferences and events, are eligible to join MPI’s Marketers and Experience Designers community.

Additional Education and Community Resources

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Meeting and Event Strategist

Create events that achieve objectives, justify costs, and provide authentic experiences.


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Event Crisis Communications

Event Crisis Communication

 Discover how to use time-sensitive communications channels, including social media, when it really matters. 


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CMM Graduates 2020

Certificate in Meeting Management

Earning your CMM shows the world that you're a strategic thinker ready to assume a leadership role.

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Emergency Preparedness for Events

Are you securing the most important aspect of your meeting and events—the safety of your attendees? Find out how to prepare.

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The Essential Guide to Safety & Security

An essential guide to planning components, assessment tools and implementation strategies for safety and security planning at events.


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Inclusive Event Strategist

Discover how to keep a strategy of inclusion at the center of your event’s design and execution. 

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