Raise Awareness. End Human Trafficking.


The Code Top Member 2022

MPI Global and the MPI Anti-Human Trafficking Committee is committed to raising awareness within the MPI Chapters and their communities by creating an education-in-a-box that can be implemented with each chapter worldwide. These educational components focus on identifying victims and if a victim is identified, what should be done.

For more information view MPI's Anti-Human Trafficking Policy .

Human Trafficking Hotline
bay area anti-trafficking coalition




See It. Say It.


See it. Say it. Take a concrete step today by conducting a Human Trafficking Awareness & Response Training. Here's How.

World Day fights a scourge of an estimated 40.3 million people being trapped, trafficked and exploited.
As we wrap up an important year for MPI and the meeting industry as a whole, let’s take a look back at the growth, key partnerships and earnest efforts to make the world a better place that punctuated an exciting 2018.
Hotels must take action to stop human trafficking—for the victims and for themselves.

For inquiries please contact communications@mpi.org.