Raise Awareness. End Human Trafficking.


The Code Top Member 2022

MPI Global and the MPI Anti-Human Trafficking Committee is committed to raising awareness within the MPI Chapters and their communities by creating an education-in-a-box that can be implemented with each chapter worldwide. These educational components focus on identifying victims and if a victim is identified, what should be done.

For more information view MPI's Anti-Human Trafficking Policy .

Human Trafficking Hotline
bay area anti-trafficking coalition




See It. Say It.


See it. Say it. Take a concrete step today by conducting a Human Trafficking Awareness & Response Training. Here's How.

How coordination with financial institutions can help meeting professionals combat human trafficking.
Conferences and events are easy places for human trafficking to thrive, so it is incumbent upon those of us in the business to always be alert and react without hesitation.

For inquiries please contact communications@mpi.org.